Mecca Gold Rate
13-Dec-2017, PM

Quantity 24K Gold 22K Gold
1 Gram SAR 158.00 SAR 145.00

International Prices

Currency Gold / 1g Silver / 1kg
USD 34.6499 455.4151
GBP 22.8080 299.7730
EUR 32.5379 427.6562
INR 2290.59 30106.02
AED 127.2691 1672.7397

Highest/Lowest Prices

Lowest Last 30 Days

Metal Date Price
24Ct Gold / 1g 09-Dec-2017 SAR 158.00
22Ct Gold / 1g 09-Dec-2017 SAR 145.00
Silver / 1kg 30-Nov-2017 SAR 2242.00

Highest Last 30 Days

Metal Date Price
24Ct Gold / 1g 18-Nov-2017 SAR 163.00
22Ct Gold / 1g 18-Nov-2017 SAR 150.00
Silver / 1kg 20-Nov-2017 SAR 2338.50

Gold Price in Mecca

In Mecca on 13-Dec-2017, the retail 22 Carat Gold was sold at SAR 145.00 per gram and the retail 24 Carat Gold price in Mecca was SAR 158.00 per gram on 13-Dec-2017. The retail Silver price in Mecca on 13-Dec-2017 was SAR 2,301.50 per kilogram. 22Ct Gold in Mecca was sold at SAR 1,160.00 per sovereign on 13-Dec-2017 and 24Ct Gold rate in Mecca was SAR 1,264.00 per Sovereign on 13-Dec-2017.

Comparing last 30 days, the 24Ct Gold market price was as high as SAR 163.00 per gram on 18-Nov-2017 and the 22Ct Gold rate was as high as SAR 150.00 on 18-Nov-2017 per gram. In last 30 days, the 24Ct Gold Rate fell as low as 158.00 Saudi Riyal per gram on 09-Dec-2017 and the 22Ct Gold price was as low as 145.00 Saudi Riyal on 09-Dec-2017 per gram.

Silver in last 30 days, the highest price was recorded on 20-Nov-2017, which was SAR 2,338.50 per kilogram and on 30-Nov-2017, the Silver price was as low as 2,242.00 Saudi Riyal per kilogram. The 22Kt Gold rate in last 90 days was as low as SAR 145.00 per gram on 10-Dec-2017 and on 14-Sep-2017, the 22 Karat Gold price was as high as SAR 153.00 per gram.

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